Adding Time stamp and subtitle


I wanted to know if it is possible in Shotcut to add time stamp (or frame#) with a “sub-chapter title” text added in a video that has many parts. As the video play … at different “marked” frame, display a corresponding timestamp/“sub chapter title” text.
See below as an example.


Hi there. I’m a total newb at Shotcut but wanted to chime in with a non-Shotcut solution. Not sure if you know that you can do this straight in your YouTube description section when you’re uploading your video. You just have to add the timecodes like this:
0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Chapter 1
and so on

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Hi @seemon ,
Fortunately YouTube has already made a video about this:-

I have also tried this feature, to test out how it works:-

Hope this makes your day!

*(Chapters aren’t visible if they are embedded on sites)

Thank you @jojothetechie and @Ar_D
Didn’t realise it can be that easy …

Just done with this video I’d release 2 days ago. It works !!


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