Adding Text to final cut in Clean Format. [Solved]

Howdies. I just recently started using shotcut & i like it cause of few reasons. Now i’ve encountered a problem that i can’t get over with even looked for solution from here in forum & in wicked wide web. Question: How to remove that box with drag corners around the text so it doesn’t appear in the final cut of the video ? For some reason it keeps on coming to it :frowning:

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This is the Visual User Interface (VUI) for the filter. It will NOT appear on the exported file. If you want to get rid of it when viewing the project in Shotcut’s player just deselect the filter N.B. DESELECT, not DELETE, by clicking on the X symbol - see below:


Big thanks for the assist Elusien, this solved the problem :slight_smile: o/

Kindly: Latinumz

Thanks from me too.
This has bothered me with all kinds of filters since years.

Shows me that despite of using Shortcut for long time, I am still far from knowing all the functions.