Adding Subtitles

My question is not about video editing, but close to. I would like to try and ask you, as I could not find anywhere else an answer.
I have several video clips (45 minutes each). Downloaded subtitles for these clips. The text fits exactly to the clip, the problem is the timing. I start playing the clip, loaded the subtitle, at the beginning they run together, after several minutes the text comes earlier then the talking (or anything).
To make adjustments loaded the clip and subtitle into “Subtitle Edit 3.5.9”, adjusted the timing from that line and forward, but after some minutes the text again appears earlier and the gap keeps growing .
The only way I know is to repair the timing for each line, and it takes lot of time repair and test and move to next line.
I will appreciate any answer from this forum.

It may be that it’s out of synch only on playback and not on export.
To test, export only a minute or two from when you see it’s out on the time line.
Then play back your exported clip on something like VLC and check.

Subtitles can be added using the text HTML filter (previously Overly HTML). @Elusien has a subtitle overlay that works.

There’s an entire thread here that might help you.

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