Adding sound effects to a video - CLOG DANCE video in progress

Hi folks, my new flute video is coming along! Following from this thread:

(to recap, I replaced the orchestra with my arrangement for flute and piano (after re-recording some of the flute track).

Next job - to add some “clog” sound effects to the video (which was now of course muted). So after finding some individual clog sound effects online, I had to meticulously add them to the video, working frame-by-frame, to synchronise them with the dancing. I also added audience laughter.
The trick was to carefully adjust the gain (volume) of the audio clips so as not to make the clog effects too loud (or too soft)…
Here’s an excerpt from the result so far…

The Shotcut timeline looked like this (took me a few hours…):


I made use of @brian’s MARKERS to mixdown sections of the video, then re-importing them into later “builds” of the video. Also the abilty to copy/paste multiple clips was a godsend. Thanks, @shotcut and @brian

Just posting in case anyone’s interested! LOL! I’ll post the completed project when finished.

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Wow that track is really CLOGged up! That’s real dedication to perfection, well done.

Why did the Dutch invention AI-Clogs (shoes with artificial intelligence incorporated in them) fail?

Because no-one likes a clever clogs.

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:grin: Oh, nice one, very droll!

Clogs? Reminds me of this song, from my childhood. C’mon everyone, sing along to the chorus:
I saw a mouse!
There on the stair!
(Where on the stair?)
Right there!
A little mouse with clogs on
Well I declare!
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair …
Oh yeah!

They sure don’t write 'em like that any more … :wink:

Ah yes it was called “A Windmill In Old Amsterdam”, a 1965 novelty song written by Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge. The song was about a mouse that wears clogs, and arranged in waltz time. It was notably recorded by Ronnie Hilton in 1965 and issued on the His Master’s Voice label.

At first I thought it was Max Bygraves who sang it, but I got it mistaken with “Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen by the Sea”.

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Ah, those were the days!

Good heavens, I HAVE to Google THAT! Never heard of that one. BTW Max Bygraves did do a version of Windmills from Amsterdam though -


Some nice flute playing on that song BTW! :smile:

I really like what you have done here.
The heel clicks are spot on.
I’m interested to know how long this has taken you so far?

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