Adding someone's face onto a video person

Hi all, I’m currently trying to add a friends face onto Rocky during his running scene in the second movie, I want the face to move with Rocky as the video goes. Is that possible using this software and if so how would I go about doing so? Thanks

Mask + keys frames + a lort of time :slight_smile:

Can you explain this? I don’t understand how to mask nor how to use keys frames and I can’t understand the people who’ve made youtube videos about it. How would masking let me paste my friends face on a video without the image of his face just filling the screen like a slideshow

Under those conditions you’re asking a heck of a lot :frowning:
First you really need to understand the basics before you can advance to the technically difficult.

To save you time, I’ll submit that Shotcut is not the software to chose for this task. You really need an editor that incorporates tracking at least.

You first have to understand the way keyframes work. See Youtube channels there are some : “Tux designer” or “Shotcut” with keyframes explaination. I can’t do better here…
Then it’s all about that + compositing.
If the “head” is in a video, you maybe will have to prepare it first, masking and keeping just the good part, putting green on the background

For a few little sequences, it could be done wih Shotcut with patience…

I’m in doubt about that, but I’m prepared to be proven wrong with a worthy example. :slight_smile:
Replacing a face in video is really going to require ‘tracking’, Shotcut cannot do this and I can’t see how you can keep the face on the other’s head without tracking when there’s movement, even slightly.
Easily done with a static image, video - not so much.

I assume in my theory that it’s an humoristical video, so the result don’t have to be 100% perfect…

If the angles changes a lot, with sizes change + a lot of up and down, it will be more difficult.

Maybe taking the “creed” sequence at the end of the movie, it will be easier.