Adding slideshow to timeline bugs with multiple tracks

What is your operating system?
Windows 10 x64

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

  • start with a simple project with subclips on at least 2 tracks (for example arranged like this:

  • select the proper track in timeline you want the slideshow to be added

  • select a picture in playlist, go to Add selected to timeline

BUG#1 - ripple is OFF

Reality: no matter where the current timeline cursor is, the new slideshow is appended at the end of the currently selected track

Expectation: slideshow is Overwritten at the current cursor locaton on the currently selected track.

Bug #2 - ripple track is ON

Reality: same behaviour as above

Expectation: slideshow is Pasted at the current cursor location on currently selected track, pushing all following clips on the same track to the right

Bug #3 - ripple all tracks is ON (ripple single track does not matter in this context)

Reality: slideshow is added? at the end of the currently selected track BUT if currently selected track’s last subclip is not at the very end of the timeline chaos insures: I think the equivalent length of the slideshow is ripple-deleted from the other tracks thus moving stuff to the left unexpectedly

  • oh and also the UNDO command is broken after this operation so the only way to recover is to reload latest saved file.



After adding slideshow to the V2:

Only the Bug #3 is critical, the other 2 can be worked around by copy pasting after the fact, but even then it’s annoying to jump around and search for them in the timeline.

The “Add” part of these menu items implies the Append action. It was only intended to be append. I will accept this for #3.

#3 is fixed for the next version. Ripple All Tracks will be ignored for this action (as it already is for the Timeline Append action).

We could change the text to actually say “Append”.

Changing the text breaks translations, makes something already long even longer, and is not really necessary unless perhaps you are pedantic.

These actions place all new clips on a single track in succession. All you need to do is shift-click to make a range selection and drag to the new place. :cheese::wine_glass:

Sure, if the project is 10s long this is not a problem, but trying to add the image slideshow at the 3 minutes mark in a 20 minutes multi track timeline is quite a chore (especially true if the current track has the last clip at the 16 minute mark, or somewhere else unexpected).

In the end I personally end up mostly not using the feature at all later in the project and just copy paste a slow zoom in SPR to the manually dragged photos.