Adding separate audio clip to video clip - no waveforms on separate audio clip displayed

Operating Windows 11

I just downloaded the latest version of Shotcut 22.12.21.

There was an earlier topic headed ‘The audio waves don’t appear on the timeline’. I can replicate the problem and offer a screensnip. See below.


There is now no option to tell the software to ‘show audio waveforms’. Even in the older version I had, when that was checked, it had no effect on the added separate audio clip.

This problem renders Shotcut useless for what I want to achieve, since I need to align the separate audio clip’s peaks with the audio of the video precisely, before removing the audio on the video clip.

Sorry I do not have any solution, But on my PC working with WIN 7, I have the expeted waveforms… It could be an indication of the problem root.

I am not able to reproduce it. Try: right-click the clip and choose Rebuild Audio Waveform and wait a little while to see if it appears; it is not instant.

See also in the right click menu Align to Reference Track

Thanks. Rebuild Audio Waveform worked. Whilst writing this I have set the Align to Reference Track processing and shall see what happens. Nothing so far after about 15 minutes.