Adding / Replacing Audio track without Re-encoding

I’ll make it short, why in “Avidemuxt” replacing / adding sound track takes several seconds, it just copies the video. In “Shotcut” it re-encodes the video, or there is something I do not know?
Answers will be appreciated

While Avidemux may have some video editing capabilities, it is meant for very simple video editing tasks and its that way on purpose because Avidemux is primarily a muxer and a demuxer. That’s why “demux” is in its name “Avidemux”. Muxing is when you add or replace audio to a video and demuxing is when you are extracting audio and video into separate files.

Shotcut’s entire focus however is on non-linear video editing so the tasks it handles are far more than what Avidemux will offer for video editing. Shotcut doesn’t do muxing and demuxing because that’s not what the program is for.

If you want to mux and demux then that’s what programs like Avidemux and MKVToolNix are for. If you want to do video editing then that’s what Shotcut is for.


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