Adding numerous video clips

I have 13 video clips on my playlist. What is the best /quickest way to get these 13 down to my Timeline so I can start to edit. Thxs

Depends on the version of Shotcut you are using.
Older versions, left click image then click add all to timeline.

Newer versions.
Select all then click Add Selected to Timeline.

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It says I’m using Version 5.9.7 which is supposed to be the latest.

Are you sure you’re using Shotcut?
The latest version is 19.10.20

I clicked on Help and then went to About QT and it says this program uses QT version 5.9.7

I just did this and it worked quickly. Thxs

Click “About Shotcut” not “About QT”.

Just checked now… 19.10.20

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