Adding mp4 file to timeline problem

I’m trying to make a video about Roblox and I was able to add the first mp4 file successfully without problems.

After editing it and then moving on to the next mp4 file which I put in front of the first one I just get a black screen and nothing displays, though it still plays. Just a black screen that lasts as long as the video does. How do I fix this?

Is the 2nd in a different format/codec/ size? Tell us the details of the videos, your SC version and system OS. Maybe you can provide a sceenshot to further explain the problem?

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No, the second file is also an mp4 just like the first one, they’re both 175 megabites. They are both a 4-6 minute clip that is recording a fighting game on the platform. I’m using a windows 10 lenovo laptop. If you want screenshots here it is.

In this image the playhead is on the first mp4 file and it is displaying the gameplay.

In this image the playhead is on the second mp4 that should normally show something but it isn’t.

It might be a problem with the generated proxy. Turn proxy off to determine. Where to go from there depends entirely on that.

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