Adding MLT XML Clip to the Playlist crashes Shotcut

Trying to add an MLT XML clip to the Playlist to run sequential jobs, but I can’t seem to even add one clip without having Shotcut crash. But clip will load fine into the timeline.

I made a short video showing what happens.

Shotcut Application Log shotcutapplog.txt (18.6 KB)

i7-7700k, 32gb, multiple hard & SSD drives, GTX1070, Win10 Home
Shotcut 18.01.02

I tried to reproduce this on my Windows 10 computer. But it does not crash for me. I wonder if it has anything to do with the contents of the MLT file.

Can you try this:

  1. Open a single video file
  2. Save as MLT
  3. Open MLT as clip
  4. Add to playlist

Does that still crash? Because that is what I’m doing and it doesn’t crash.

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Is GPU processing enabled in Settings? That is supposed to be logged, but I just noticed that and a few other settings are not logging properly in release builds.

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In my computer, "open MLT XML as a clip " to the Playlist is properly working. I’m using Windows 10 with just 4gb ram, 1ghz amd dual core. However Shotcut runs smoothly on my computer to edit 720p videos.

I suggest you to disable GPU effect and restart Shotcut then it will works fine.
By disable audio / video thumbnails, audio scrubbing, Shotcut runs more faster.
(*based on my experience with Shotcut)

GPU processing was turned on, I just turned it off. It did recognize that the other test MLT’s I created were made with GPU processing enabled, and wanted to switch GPU processing back on to even open the MLT XML file. So I made a short test clip and saved the MLT without GPU processing and the MLT XML file loaded fine in the playlist.

Thank you everyone. Goal is to edit several videos at once, and then leave it to process each video in sequential order, but couldn’t load a the file into the playlist.

From what I’ve been reading GPU processing is not that great anyway. I’m sure I flipped it on at some time thinking, yes that option sounds great, lol.

Now you can do it. GPU processing does cause problems.

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i have the same problem
my computer is crashing when i open a mlt
my specs are
Intel HD Graphics 620
and it crashes when i select the file