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Hi, I’m new to Shotcut and would like to add a logo between text and scroll from off screen bottom to off screen top. I have a workaround by creating a long transparent page (in a desk top publisher) populated with both images and text and then scolling the page. Is there a way of doing it within Shotcut?

Could you post an example of what you’re looking for?
Perhaps there is a YouTube video that you viewed.

@Hudson555x I think he means that he wants to insert images (logos maybe) between lines of a scrolling text. Similar to what you see on the end credits of a movie. They insert logos from the studio, from Dolby, Kodak etc…

Since you can’t insert images in the Text filters (not easily at least), you then need to put them on a different track and do your best to synch them with the scrolling text at the right position.

Honestly @GrandadJim, I think your workaround is the best approach. Creating long scrolling text with images in an photo/image program (Photoshop, Gimp etc…) will produce the best looking results.
You can easily format your text, create nice looking columns, add drop shadows or outlines etc… And of course insert your images.

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My suggestion is use or other image editor … make an image art using the logo and text and then add to shotcut and use size posion and roate to scroll !

Hi Hudson555X, Musical Box, and ConteudoAnimal
Thank you all for your responses, My next question is how do I change the images to animated gifs???
Here is a link to a very quick demo.

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This is what I came up with. Although I’m sure others may come up with more creative ways to accomplish the same thing. Shotcut does come bundled with Glaxnimate, which might be a quicker approach as opposed to my solution.

Using the Text:Rich filter with multiple tracks for images rotating using keyframes.

Core i3.mlt (16.7 KB)
Source SVG image: Chip Motherboard Vector SVG Icon - SVG Repo

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Thank you. It looks like I have a way to go on this learning curve! - I will persevere.

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