Adding Files to Playlist

I am trying to add different projects files from different folders. I go to folder A, select file, add to the playlist, then drag to the time line. I go to folder B, select another file.Shotcut replaces the file from folder A on the playlist and timeline with the file from folder B,

I wanted to just string these files one after the other, so I clicked the + , append. Closes Shotcut down every time.

After you drop your Folder B item into the playlist, double-click the clip.
Now append will work for that clip.

Or if you already put the clip in the timeline, have that clip selected and click C.
Now append will work for that clip.

You are not being specific enough. For example, “I go to folder B, select another file.Shotcut replaces the file from folder A on the playlist and timeline with the file from folder B”
What are the precise steps? You cannot simply select a file in your file manager and something happens in Shotcut. You have to do something, and there are many possible ways. Also, there are multiple + buttons. Also, when you “drag to the time line” Shotcut displays a word near the mouse cursor of “Insert” or “Overwrite.” What does your say? If it says “Overwrite” and you dropped the dragged clip on top of an existing clip, then it is doing the correct thing. There is a toggle button on the timeline toolbar for this.

I create a mlt file to house my files. I then go to the Open File button in the top left hand corner. Selecting an mlt file means that project and its two files is now on the playlist and on the time line. Returned to the Open File button, because I want to add another mlt to the playlist and time line, means the mlt on the playlist and timeline is simply replaced by the mlt I just selected. I don’t know any other way to explain it.

All these steps, wow. All I want to to a drag clip A and clip B to the timeline such that I take B onto the end of clip A. When I drag B to the end of A, it just replaces A with B. Unbelievable.

That opens the mlt file as a project. Sounds like you want File > Open MLT XML As a Clip… instead. That opens it in the Source player. From there you can add it to Playlist and/or Timeline.

So I have recorded 5 segments - wanting simply to string them into a 5 minute video before I grow old and go to a nursing home. So I have for each segment synched a mov file to a wav file as I recorded seperate video on an H1n. So the result is 5 mlt files. Now I have created a main project file and I want to drag all 7 segments to the timeline and string them together. So you mean that even though I saved them as a project I now must bring them into the main project as a clip?

It does not matter how I try to add files from another folder. Second file - even if opened as a clip replaces the other file that is already in the playlist and the timeline.

When you Open File, and you select a MLT file, it opens that entire project.
When you Open File again and select a different MLT file, it closes the current project and opens the new selected MLT file as an entire project.
You can’t edit multiple MLT files at once within Shotcut.

You can do Open MLT XML As Clip, and put those on the timeline or in a playlist.
These will act like an entire video clip.

You don’t need to use playlist if you just want to use the timeline.

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You can do that as well if you drag multiple .mlt files directly from a file manager to the timeline. If the timeline is empty, the first one will be opened as the project and the other .mlt files as virtual clips (sub-projects). It does not matter what the source folder you are using. Since you mentioned using “Open File” I explained what you are assuming wrong about that and the correct related function.

If you are using a Shotcut version 21.08 you might be experiencing a bug that has since been fixed. Otherwise, if you cannot get your advanced workflow (nested sub-projects is advanced), maybe you need to simplify it, do it a different way, or learn more basics by not jumping into the deep end.

Well perhaps that is right - but my intention was not to create complexity. First I wanted to do separate audio using the H1n because it has seemed to me that bad audio gives a video a real amateur look. I like having segments because I am doing a “5 points” style video, and it really helps me to avoid video killing stumbles and brain farts in filming. I am all ears: is there a better way to do it?

Well I will answer my own question. I am just done with trying to make this product work for me.