Adding Blender objects to Shotcut video

I’ve just started using Blender and would like to incorporate an animated dragon into a Shotcut video. I’ve added a fire and smoke visual effect found on Footage Crate to a video in the past. Would this be a similar process?

Shortcut is a film-editor. There can’t be put “.blend”-files in.
In Blender you have to export your animation as a film or .png sequence.

Most if not every VFX effect on Footage Crate are video files, namely .mov files. These can be imported into a video editor like Shotcut, but Blender files are something completely different. Blender has a video editor and you could try to use it. Or you follow @DvS’ suggestion of exporting.
(I found this video after a quick search:

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Better you use .png-sequence for more lossless quality.

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