Adding audio to a video

I’m new to video editing and to Shotcut. I can add a video but cannot add an audio file to the project (as easily shown in several YouTube tutorials).I find I can have one or the other, but not both. One thing I noticed was that the video file is “locked” but I find no way to “unlock” it. It should not be locked to begin with as I shot it myself. The audio file is in public domain and is an MP3 file. I thought I would find a short tutorial specifically dealing with adding audio to an otherwise silent video, but I did not. Any help will be appreciated.

Add the video and audio to the playlist then to the timeline. The audio is added to an Audio track (Ctrl+U).


Thanks for the reply. I have tried all the different ways I can find to add to the playlist and then add to the timeline, or move to the timeline. Either I’m not understanding the simple procedure, or Shortcut is not working like it is supposed to. I failed to mention in my original post that the video file is set to MP4. I don’t think it will make any difference, but more information is less to guess about.

Including the 'ol drag’n’droparooney? :smiley:
That’s how I work most of the time.

jrrodgersjr, can you post a screenshot? The user interface takes a little getting used to.

Or if not a screenshot, can you write out the steps of one of the ways you’ve tried?


Here’s a screen shot. I have dragged and dropped into a Playlist a video and an audio. I then changed to the Timeline and dragged the video down. It plays without a problem, but when I drag and drop the auto track, the audio replaces the video. This happens whether or not I drop the audio into the same location as the video track or drop it below the video track.

Have you tried this? (should have been a part of the tutorials you used)

  • Right-click on the timeline (somewhere other than on a clip)
  • Select “Add Audio Track”
  • Drag the audio file to the newly created audio track

You failed to correctly read my earlier response with the instruction to create an audio track.

Hi to all, am a new user, using windows portable version. I also faced the same issue and did the following it worked.

  1. save the project
  2. close the shotcut, all together
  3. open it again
  4. add your audio file to the project either from windows directly or from playlist.

it worked

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