Adding a sound track?

Hello. After testing movie maker, lightworks, moravi, videopad, lightmv, filmora and blender, I think that I have endly found a good software : shotcut

I hit to create (and (just after) open) my project file. Without inlays.I see correctly my concatenation of pictures in the record. No virus arrival.

A : my problem now is that I’m not able to add a sound file. Adding this sound file, all previous pictures disappear !
B : I want to know how I must do that (I want to add these sound files at particular locations of my record). How ??

C: has this software a limited timelife ?
Thanks a lot for your response

Add an audio track.

Or… if it’s on a video track…
Just hide it by clicking the eye symbol.

Shotcut is free, no restrictions. Shotcut gets updated quite regular so keep this page bookmarked for the latest version. And when you first open up Shotcut, it will inform you that there is an update available. All updates are free.

ok, thanks for C answer.
I want to add many sound files in one concatenation of images at particular locations of this concatenation. And what you write do not help me : I understand nothing.
After open my audio file, what must I do. I try the “+” and that do not work

Under where it says Timeline, the is three lines, click it. Add Audio Track

  1. Click on the audio track to select it… It will turn olive green.
  2. Open an audio file.
  3. Either drag it to the audio track, or just hit the + symbol

I highly recommend going through the Tutorials of Shotcut.

Thanks. That work fine …

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