Added Filters don't show in filter list

this worked ok in shotcut-linux-x86_64-171203.tar.bz2

run Shotcut (no existing mlt)
^Y add new video track
^-O add other
Noise, OK
A - Add clip to video track
Filters, Fade In Audio - see filter in filter list (good)
Alt-Left (move play head to start, see the visual slant indication of audio fade)
File, SaveAs, T2

^Q Quit.
re-run shotcut on t2
File, Open, Recent, t2, Open
see: noise in timeline is selected, but Filters tab says “Nothing selected”
I can see the slant, and playing confirms is is there (noise fades in)
but can’t get it to apear on the filter tab.

Also, The “+” (Add filter) button is grayed out.
oddly, the “-” remove filter is not.

If I add another clip to the timeline, then I can get to the filters, including the one I could not get to.

I think I have to unselect the item in the timeline, so that I can select it and the filter list gets refreshed.

if I move the item to the right, click in the unused space, that de-selects.
click item, filter list shows up.

I had something similar with the Overlay HTML filter. I got round it by clicking the far left of the timeline (the dirty yellow color titled “V1”).

Known as the track ‘header’.
The colour is Olive :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. The olives I eat here in Cyprus are a much nicer colour. I think I’d send a dish of them back if they were that colour.