Add Windows portable 7zip

Hi, I would have a simple suggestion to save space and fastest downloads, I unzip (214 MB) and recompress with 7-zip with ultra compression level getting shotcut-win64.7z (86 MB)

I am not going to require someone to download and install another app to get this app, and I am not going to start adding alternative compression formats that not only adds to my process but also confuses people about which one to get (e.g. rar will be next request).


Yes, ZIP is a standard, AFAIK all operating systems nowdays can handle it without additional app install. That is the reason, and is much more important than the downloadable file size.

ZIP, yes is standard, but .7Z is not standard, and would require usage of 7Zip, possibly even other non-reliable or pay compression software to open.

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The Shotcut installer for Windows 64 has gone from 193 MB V19.01.27 to a little over 85 MB V19.02.28. That’s a significant reduction in size.

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I think is good to suggest to use a free and open-source program not only for a best compression, but to make to know that there are best possibilities, already a lot of people have chosen it as standard.