Add Warning If Storage Set For Proxy Is Not Available

If you set a specific folder for proxies (Settings > Proxy > Set) and for whatever reason Shotcut can’t find that folder (e.g. maybe deleted, maybe name has changed, etc…) when Proxy gets turned on Shotcut will attempt at creating proxies but then fail at them because Shotcut cannot find the folder that has been set for storage.

How about adding some kind of message for when a user tries to create proxy files but Shotcut can’t find the folder set for storage to let the user know right away that that’s a problem instead of having the jobs fail with no info as to why? It’d be better if Shotcut won’t generate proxy files if it cannot find the folder set to store them in and will let the user know that with a message.

This is a very good idea that is borderline a bug. Another remedy is to fall back to using the proxies folder in the app data directory in addition to a notification. What do you think? It would still let proxies be generated at the risk of using an location that the user may have changed for a very good reason such as: it is their very full system drive.

How about the message comes up and after letting the user know that Shotcut can’t find the folder that had been set it asks the user if they want to set the new location of the folder now and offers 3 choices: 1) Use Proxy folder in app data director 2) Set custom proxy folder location 3) No.

If No is chosen then the window closes, proxy mode stays off and no proxies are generated. That means if the user tries to turn Proxy on again without setting a new location folder first they will get the same message again.

I suggest adding a No because there could be a situation where the user is not ready yet to set a new folder as maybe they realize they don’t have enough disc space.