Add "Unsplit" or "Join" to repair unwanted Splits

Clips can be split into sub clips in order to add filters for that section only.
(I found multiple filters and keyframes will also achieve this but this is harder to use).

If you need to change the start / end point, then this is not possible unless it is in recent history.
Additional splits can be added, but non can be removed.
The time line can end up littered with unwanted splits.

An option to remove unused/unwanted splits would be helpful.
(M may be a suitable key M for Mend/Merge).

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Thanks - I had tried that menu but that option didn’t show up.
Tried splitting and immediately right clicking and it showed up.
Adding a shortcut (M) would still be good.

The M shortcut is reserved for something else.

The “Merge with next clip” is only for when you have split a clip. Is there a way to join/group two different clips?
I don’t see any option for that in Shotcut. Is that possible?

Also @shotcut, what is “M” for? Nothing happens when I hit M and I don’t see any mention in the shortcuts page either

He said that it’s “reserved for something else”. That means there will be a function added to Shotcut and “M” will be the keyboard shortcut for it.

I’m guessing that it will be for Markers which is on the roadmap: Shotcut - Road Map

Groups in timeline is currently #8 on the roadmap.


Hi all.

Note sure in particular if this option is then supposed to be added or is considered that it is there so writing here.

I’ve seen in some other post from @shotcut that the option was broken and removed but I’m using latest Shotcut (21.01.29, released on friday, thanks for this great software btw) and I do have that option, however it is greyed out.

I’m definitely using it on one video file that I have split multiple times (as to my understanding that is the only way it works) and would like to connect it back so I can simplify filter and export process, and the filter I want to use at this time (crop source) is not available for the whole track unfortunately.

I also know I can c/p filters per clip and it’s what I usually do but I have 60+ clips so it’s not a real option whenever I modify something. I tried to select all clips and apply filter but it still ends up applying it only for the first one.

So back to the suggestion made here. I would love to merge parts back when I need to work on that area. I usually work around it but it seems the option is there but not working for some reason so should it be added or is just something I could be still doing wrong?

I also realized I’m not the only one with this problem after googling around, and as shown in at least one example with 73 likes to have the same feature :slight_smile:
But I also know that there is many features that everybody wants :slight_smile:

Again thanks for amazing software, donation sent as my sign of appreciation,
Best regards

After several years on Shotcut (and wishing for a “Join” option), just this weekend I discovered the “Merge with next clip”. It is rather cleverly hidden where one would not expect to look, LOL.

I also faced the “greyed out” problem.
I managed to defeat it; I tried several things, and I was not taking notes.

I know my first problem was the assumption that one would build it to merge “this” clip with the previous clip. Not so.
I think the issue was they need to be from the same original file, unaltered, and the properties (and perhaps filters) must be the same.
I think the time it was greyed out for me was when one of the clips had been, as I usually the case when I do a split, set to “None” in Properties.

Hello @5ar

To use the Merge with next clip, merging back together a clip that has been split, in the same location.