Add text on a video

I searched on the existing subjects, I can’t find it,
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My text is no longer displayed in my video: I followed the tutorial (simple text filter), it appears on the screen, but when I click on the video in playback, it disappears. How can I do or fix it?
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we need more infos + screenshot otherwise it would only be guessing.
Provide as much infos as you can which could be helpful to understand the problem.

Hi @CCyl, after applying the text:simple filter, you need to drag the preview screen down onto the timeline to create a text clip. See:

Thank you very much jonray, I’m going to see it.

Thank you RilosVideos,

Here below more details :

I open 2 video tracks: one for the video, the other for the text.
I click on “other file”, text, I click ok, and I put it in the playlist (it appears in transparent).
I put it in the Timeline in a new video.
I click on filter and put the color, the size.
I can see my text appearing.
When I select the video and activate the playback, my text disappears.

I’m going to see the video sent by.

my text is at the top of the video, in the white square t it does not appear

Transparent Iwth Text) needs to be above Globe.mp4. Put globe on V2 and transparent on V3

thank you so much @PaulusMaximus, but now I can’t see the globe, we can only see the text?

Try Globe on V1, text on V2.

it worksssss!!! thank you so much everyone!
I’m so happy!

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Great! It works, because for the text transparency to work, you need to have a video on V1. Whenever possible, put a clip on V1. It’s a special kind of track… :grinning:

thank you so much, I understand now!


PS you can have the text track higher up, on V3, V4 etc. You can even stack them up vertically on higher tracks (for example to fade in different bits of text at different times). But the important thing is not to have V1 blank. Put a video clip on it!

ok thank you @jonray

My pleasure…

This is no longer required as of version 20.09:

Fixed video compositing with nothing on video track V1 or V1 hidden.

But I can tell from the screenshot they are running an older version (old timeline split icon).


Oops, sorry @shotcut, that passed me by - so the advice to @CCyl would be to update …