Add simple text to your video

Hey guys, This is my new blog post about how to add simple text to your video.
I think this tutorial helpful for you-

Looks good. When I was researching video editors, your tutorial would have helped convince me that Shotcut has the text editing features I need. Well done.

I noticed though that in at least 2 places you used the word “front” instead of “font”.

" you want to click the box front of the font color"

" If you want to change the text size you must want to tick ’ **Use Front Size’."

Also, that last sentence reads better if you remove the word “must” or the words “want to” but “must want to” isn’t quite right.

And I think in the first quoted sentence above you might want to say:
" you want to click the font box of the font color"

Hope that’s helpful.

Thank you very much for showing this mistake.