Add saved/autosaved entries in the history panel

I sometimes mess up my timeline after doing undo/redo (can’t exactly reproduce it but it happens from time to time) and even though I save very often I don’t mentally have a note how many actions ago I’ve last saved so I don’t know whether it’s worth it to reload my last save or try to manually fix the messed up clip.

For this I propose to add an < saved > (and < autosaved >) entry in the History panel list. Even if clicking it doesn’t do anything it would be enough for my purpose as an informational entry, but as a further improvement it could maybe be clickable to load the file (of course it would show a dialog first to confirm that current project&history will be replaced/lost; and I don’t know how it would properly deal with multiple previous saves and multiple save-as renames (probably safe to store the full path of the saved file + last modification date and warn user if it’s been overwritten since – or just have a generic “only the last save is available” in the dialog and not bother with dates)).

That is an interesting idea. I will have to think about how that could be implemented.

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