Add pictures to video that has video and pictures in Edit?

Hi there,

I am creating a video and I have video and pictures in the timeline.
Is there QUICK way to add pictures\insert, in the already laid out timeline, without having to drag to make a space for the picture in the timeline video?

Or a quick way to create a space or cut in timeline?

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Got it from this video!

Why do you need “space”? Why not just insert from Source using Paste or V? In case you MUST drag from Playlist (an optional feature), you can turn on Ripple mode, which converts drag-n-drop from overwrite mode to insert mode. Or, if you want space, no need to insert color and Lift it. With Ripple mode on, simply drag a clip to the right.

I don’t know how to insert new stuff without going already existing timeline material(the bar down the bottom)?
It always goes to the end or copies over material
Also have to do the above video so that music does not go out of sync!

Can you simply explain how to add new material in already existing timeline material that does not have spaces available?

As @shotcut had explained.

Ripple off shotcut_2019-01-02_23-21-26 Overwrite

Ripple on shotcut_2019-01-02_23-21-41 Insert

Ripple on shotcut_2019-01-02_23-21-41 Make Space


Thankyou so much! :grinning:

…have to do the above video so that music does not go out of sync…

Have you tried using multiple Tracks on your timeline? In the default mode, the video/picture on a higher track will cover what is beneath, while the audio of the higher track (if any) will mix with the lower track audio. These defaults can be changed, of course.

In the case of multiple tracks, ripple mode will move all of the tracks together to make time-space. This might cause a problem with a continuous music track.

If ripple trim and drop image is on, by itself, then any clips moved will only move other clips on the timeline on the same track. If both, ripple trim and drop and ripple all tracks are on, then any clip moved on any track will move clips on all unlocked tracks.

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