Add Noise auto plays but VCR shows Stopped

File, Open Other (^O) Noise, OK
noise and static start playing in the source frame.
but the VCR controls show the play button with play icon.
click it, static and noise continue to play, button icon changes to square stop graphic.
click it, it stops.

I suspect the desired behaviour is for it not to play, then the play/stop toggel would make sense.

At first you have to click the square stop while it’s playing, then you can start/stop with spacebar.
Not quite sure what the bug is.

Noise Paused

Noise Playing

Shotcut 18.09.15

the first time it takes 2 clicks to stop it.

When it first starts, the square stop isn’t there and yet it is playing. The controls and the state of play/stop are not in sync. the first click gets them in sync, the 2nd click stops it.

When you do this:
File, Open Other (^O) Noise, OK
(and nothing else)
is it playing or stopped?
for me it is playing.

Ahh, yes now I see what you’re talking about. Same in 18.09.15.

This is fixed for the next release v18.10

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