Add Music To Video

I have a four-second long video that will serve as Extro that I plan to use on my YouTube Channel. I am new to Shotcut, but I don’t think it should be so hard. Could you just give what links I should click (among the multitude of options) in order to accomplish this. I have a canned music track I want to put with the video.

Open the video clip. Add a video track to the timeline. Put the clip on the video track.
Open the music track. Add an audio track to the timeline Put the music clip on the audio track.



1/On the left of the timeline there are 3 dashes.
2/ press these.
3/ The screen will change and a question will ask you? Video or Audio.
4/ Press Audio.
5/on the left side of the screen is your play list . Drag you music clip to your play list .
6/On the left side of the screen is a lock close it.
7/ The reason you close it is because all clip set their-selves to the start .
8/ go to the part of your film ,where you wish to insert your clip.
9/ cut your clip.
10 / Drag your clip which looks like a blank white screen to your timeline. play Record

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