Add gradient to overlay png image

Hey all,

So far, not having much luck with this.
I am trying to add a png graphic as an overlay to my video. I would like to add a gradient (fade from transparent to black) to the graphic.
When I tried to use the Gradient filter, it wants to fade the entire screen, not just the graphic that was selected when the filter was applied. Obviously I am doing something wrong or trying to do something it can’t.

Select the image on the timeline, then move Gradient to the top of the filter list.
In my example, I am dragging and dropping the filter. The arrow boxes next to the clipboard paste symbol work as well.

J’ai toujours cru qu’il fallait placer Mask: Apply après le/les filtres Mask: Simple Shape.
Quel est l’intérêt de le placer avant ?

I always thought that Mask: Apply should be placed after the Mask: Simple Shape filter(s).
What is the point of putting it before?

I’m glad you noticed @Namna . I understood that was case too but here is what happens when I initially did that.That was partly why I posted my more complicated (than Hudsons) filters because I don’t understand why that has worked as it has?

Thanks all,
@PaulusMaximus That’s what happened to me, the whole screen was gradiated
@Hudson555x Mine started ut exactly as you showed with Gradient being the second filter

I’ll give it all a whirl today.


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