Add Extract Sub-Clip to context menu on timeline

Please add “Extract Sub-Clip…” to the right mouse button context menu in the timeline panel to streamline editing clippettes of audio in external editors such as audacity.

Ideally, being able to extract a clippette, edit it in an external editor, then replace the clippette in the timeline in one dialogue option, would be most convenient, but any streamlining would be welcome.

A clip in shotcut is just a reference to a section of a source video file, so to work with the clip in external programs you have to render(export) it to a reel video file.
The easist way to export a clip is using Alt-M to put a marker around the selected clip and then export the marker

You can also cut the track, then use the extract sub-clip button bellow the properties window. This encodes a new file of your choice, which than can be imported anywhere.

Going with your idea of extracting sub-clips for audio processing in another program, following @TimLau 's advice on using markers is the way to go.

While it’s true for just capturing one sub-clip out of just one video file, you are limiting yourself to just one video file for each sub-clip.

Suppose you wanted to extract an audio sub-clip from say three video files to one file. Markers can do just that, and you can pick which audio preset you would like to have the file in.

Going back to your original suggestion, it’s already somewhat there, and working from just one video file that you have already split twice, you can easily mark that clip with a marker.

For doing an audio-extracted clip, you don’t need to split the clip on the timeline at all with markers. You just set one marker with a duration then export to any preset you desire.

The way you pointed out, only extracts to that source file specifications. Meaning you can extract an audio file from an MP4.
Example: I changed the .mp4 extension to a .WAV
Export filed.

In my opinion, markers are way more versatile for the use case of extracting audio files from video clips.

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That’s not really want I want to do. I want to extract one section of narration that’s 10 or so seconds long, perhaps more, clean it up, and reinsert it… and I would much rather right mouse button to do that, than navigate to the properties menu.

I missed that possibility, from a UX point of view it not a good idea to overload, the right click menu, with actions there is not used very often by most people. It seams fine to me, it is placed in properties menu, but personal preferences is different for each person