Add effect or two sound in the same time stamp without problems?

Hi there.

I would like to know if it is possible to do what Ill try to explain:

  • I add some videos and elements to the video list;
  • I add one video to the timeline for edition;
  • The video has audio;
  • I add a second video to the timeline;
  • The second video has audio too;
  • I add some effect to the second video or I add an transition between the two videos;
  • I add a new audio track;
  • I add some sound effect so the transition gets more cool;
  • If this sound run for atleast some seconds of the beginning of the video sound, I end up with the effect getting loud and the volume of the audio of the video gets too low and sometimes with some sort of distortion.

Is that possible to add this second sound (an sound effect, music, anything) but keeping the both sounds in the original levels?

Sorry about my english.

Adding multiple audio track on top of each is summing the the audo volume and the total volume will be higher and you and get clipping. So you need adjust the gain on each clip to get the result you want.
If the audio tracks has lot of head room, it is not at problem with clipping, but you need to adjust the gain of effect to match the result you want

You can use special audio filters that will bring the sound in your video to normal. I can give you some tips that really work. The easiest and fastest way to not get a lot of distortion is to add a limiter filter to the master track. In the shotcut editor, the master track is called “output”. In the limiter settings, set the “limit” value to -0.2dB, this is necessary in order to reduce the distortion that occurs during audio compression. If you have a lot of audio and video tracks, keep them at -12db RMS and peak at -6db. You can adjust the volume of the tracks with the gain/volume filter. If your track has a very wide dynamic range - use the compressor filter, which should help reduce the dynamic range so that the volume does not jump too much, the audio signal should not have places where it is too quiet and sharply too loud, the listener does not like this.

thank you guys. now i understand whats going on and now i have some ideas to solve it. ill try the thing with filters like dimadjdocent said. but maybe some different aproachs too. the thing is that now i understand that the master track will get some kind of priority so i need to check both tracks to manualy adjust the audios :slight_smile:

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