Add a video to timeline without resizing, possible?

I am making vertical video 720 x 1280, this is also my project settings. My original video is 1280 x 720.
When I add video to timeline is automatically resized. Then I need to apply size and position filter with 177% zoom to get again original size.

Is this necessary, how does this influence the quality of video, since there are two operations (resizing and zoom), when there would not be any needed.

Is there some work around or another way to achieve this. Some programs when inserting a video ask, do you want to change size and rate, and you say NO and you add video to timeline as is, in my case cropped on both sides.

Thank you for your help, since I didn’t find any answer and tutorial with this topic. There are many how to apply filters and change sizes, but none how to do without it.

If you want the complete project in vertical mode 720 x 1280 you have to set the video mode as first step to the appropriate settings (custom). If you insert a video in horizontal mode 1280 x 720 of course it has to be cropped or have a black bar on top and bottom. What else do you expect? I don’t recommend doing a video in vertical mode - this is in most cases nonsense as everybodies monitors are horizontally arranged :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply and effort. The problem is not that video is cropped, problem is that it is resized, and I need to make it bigger again. I am normally recording horizontal video for YouTube and then I need to repurpose it for Instagram, TikTok, where standard is vertical video! The result is square video in a middle (of vertical video) with title on the top and bottom. This is how we roll these days :wink:

Apply the filter “Crop:Source” and select the “Centre” parameter.


Thank you. The best it works if I choose “Crop:Source” and select left and right margin, That way I can get square video 720 x720 in the middle of vertical video.

Instagram will accept landscape videos (as will TikTok), see:

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Thank you for your trying to help me. At the moment I need vertical video, because this is currently best for the biggest organic reach on social media. But I don’t want to discuss this here. This is video editing platform and I am grateful for all your help to make video editing easier and more fun.

I think this is really making people jump through hoops too much. Essentially Shotcut treats everything in fractions of the canvas, except when it doesn’t (when usually it talks about pixels of the canvas). In some cases, that allows changing project resolution with comparatively little hassle. Which is “nice to have”. However, a number of filters work with specification in “project pixels”, and those generally don’t work too well when changing a project’s resolution. They may or may not work when maintaining project resolution but using different export resolutions: I did not try.

But in a number of use cases, particularly in connection with the crop filter, the aim may be to maintain per-pixel resolution/quality and it is a total hassle to embed sources of a resolution different from the project resolution in a manner that does it. It would probably help if the “crop source” filter had a checkmark to stick in 1:1 resolution (or rather make all specs including the scale be relative to the original resolution rather than the project canvas). After all, the crop filters already have to deal with transparency or similar after they are done.

At the current point of time, I find it very counterintuitive to work with sources of different resolution that aren’t all intended to fill the whole frame.

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