Add a square black box


How do i add a black OPAQUE box that has text on it? - this is to cover up existing text on part of the screen.

I have found the text filter, but background color simply makes a partially transparent border - not a background.


New track.
Choose Black and drag it to the new track from the preview window.
Select the track, choose the Size&Position Filter, use your mouse to drag the selection box handle and size as required, grab the centre ‘dot’ to move in position.
Then add the text filter, follow similar sizing and positioning steps.

I didn’t use black because there is no pink in this video.

Just click on the background color (shown in pink in this picture)

Make sure “Alpha channel” is set to 255.
Anything less will give you 254 shades of transparency.

If you’re referring to this, it’s just a preview border to help with placement, it will not show in the exported video. To not see the filter preview placement border click on the track header. This works for all other filters as well.

I do like @Steve_Ledger’s method better though, there is more control over how you shape the box, where with the text filter there is not much control.