Add a shape to track a moving object

I have a 5 second, low quality screen grab video of a squash match in which I want to highlight the blurry ball as it moves position (only for about one second) - perhaps place a circle around it so that its path is clear to see when I slow a segment down to frame by frame.

As I understand it this is best done using keyframes to add, say, a “tracking circle (or other object)”.
Can anyone please recommend a relevant video tutorial to do exactly this or possibly suggest another way.

Thanks in advance.

Link to video on YouTube

It can be done easily using Glaxnimate which is part of SC. Here is a tutorial on that:


Here’s another tutorial showing how to use Glaxnimate in Shotcut to track an object.

It can also be done only in Shotcut. Here’s a tutorial:


Thanks for the links folks.
For the time being I’ll try without Glaxnimate and learn how to use keyframes from scratch.

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Well that last link was straightforward to follow to implement keyframes and here’s the end result. Thanks


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