Add a new picture

I have made a timeline with mainly pictures and some videos. How can I add easily a new picture on a certain point in the timeline without overwriting and disturbing the rest of my content of the timeline.
Thanks for any answer

Hi @TheovanRijen

If you don’t want to disturb ANYTHING in your timeline, you can:

  • Add a new track.
  • Drag your new image anywhere on that track.

If all your clips are on one single track and if you want to insert the new image between two clips:

  • Create a new track.
  • Drag the image at the desired position on the new track
  • Activate Ripple
  • Select & Drag the image on the track below to the end position of the new image.
  • Deactivate Ripple
  • Move the new image in the gap created in the track below.
  • Delete the empty track if you want to.

If you already have multiple tracks in your timeline, the method to use will depends on a few factors.
If it’s the case, it would be best if you could upload a screen capture of your timeline and indicate where you want to insert the new image. That will help us to suggest the best method to use.


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