Add 4k video to 1080p timeline without resizing


I’m still finding my way in editing.

I have 4k video, the camera angle is slightly off. I wish to drop the 4k footage into a 1080p timeline and use position to correct the angle without rescaling the clip to fit the window… is this possible?

I found a similar tut on YT for Davinci resolve

Use 4K footage in an HD Timeline in Davinci Resolve 16 - 1080p and UHD Tutorial for Beginners

but I don’t use DV as i Shotcut is the tool for me.

Thank you.

You can change the video mode option , settings → video mode → choose the definition you need and than add the video to timeline and make the size position rotate …

Hi @roberto66

If you correct the angle, you will also need to rescale the clip a little bit to remove the black areas in each corner.

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Hi @MusicalBox,

First of all, thank you so much for the assist (that goes for @ConteudoAnimal )… If i dragged the clip into Playlist… then dragged into timeline - would this be the same? Or would shotcut try resize the clip in the first?

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Any clip you add will be resized to fit the current project dimensions.

You can use the Size, Position & Rotate filter to set the video to it’s original size (manually fill the Height and Width fields with the original resolution) - this will basically use the original video pixels.

But I have a question:

  • do you mean angle is off like rotation clockwise/counterclocwise? - If so, use the rotation parameter in the Size, Position & Rotate filter to fix it.
  • Or do you mean like move up-down or left-right? If this is the case, I think the Crop:source filter is better as your video will be cropped exactly on the pixel boundary. Otherwise with the Size, Position & Rotate filter if you cut halfway through the pixels (actually nevermind, as long as you use the exact same original size this won’t happen) all your pixels will need to be recalculated and you’ll likely lose a bit of quality and sharpness. If you need to actually rotate then a small quality drop will have to happen, any editor you use.


Yes … from playlist or direct to timeline is the same …

@MusicalBox make a video following my ideas :slight_smile: maybe video would be easier to understand !! thx man !