Add 2k Options To Video Mode & Update Video Mode Layout

I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to add 2k resolution to the Video Mode options.

Also, with how the video modes are laid out, I think it would be cleaner if instead of all of the resolutions and fps being listed in one column like this:

they would be listed first by resolution then when you pick that resolution that would take you to a submenu that would then show you the different fps options just like how “Custom” in the picture there leads to “Add”. It would also help shorten the length of that menu.

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FYI the primary reason for the split between the top level and “Non-Broadcast” is because only the top-level ones are compatible with Blackmagick DeckLink SDI and Intensity HDMI peripherals. However, I now think that is too niche and users of these devices ought to be power users and understand compatibility requirements.

You can still keep that category like how you have it now. That’s not a problem at all. I actually think that “Non-Broadcast” category gives Shotcut a sense of professionalism. I suppose though that your concern is that most users wouldn’t look in Non-Broadcast category and therefore miss an option that they are looking for?

Hmm, a problem is that 2.7K is also very popular because that is the threshold for higher quality video on YouTube, and it is a popular choice on action cams ala GoPro. Next, there are several popular frame rates. So, we are adding at least 10 more menu items. Next, is DCI 4K (4096 wide), 5K (iMac, GoPro Hero 9), and 8K UHD. Now, it has exploded. Instead, I am thinking to add some drop down menus in the Custom Video Mode dialog for resolution and aspect ratio, similar to what we have for frame rate.

When you say it has “exploded” do you mean that in terms of just how big the menu will be? Because the layout I suggested would actually make it more compact and wouldn’t make it look huge at all. The way the layout is now actually makes it look intimidating.


Listing those as the initial menu (which would then lead to the fps options and NTSC and PAL options for SD) there’s 11 items compared to the 25 that are on there now.

Maybe, but more than 1 level of sub-menu is not friendly, and this can be frequently accessed. How many times have you tried to navigate a series of sub-menus only for the menu to disappear because you lost hover and had to start over?

But it would only be one sub-menu. The initial menu is the resolution the sub-menu is the fps. The Non-broadcast one can stay as is.

It is 2 sub-menus:

  1. Settings (main menu)
  2. Video Mode (sub-menu 1)
  3. resolution (sub-menu 2)

It is not so much about technicalities of terminology; it is about the awkwardness of navigation. Today, Non-Broadcast leads to a second sub-menu but infrequently accessed I believe. Meanwhile, Custom also leads to a second sub-menu and probably more frequently accessed and inconvenient.

Okay, counting Settings then yeah it is 2 sub-menus but I don’t find them problematic. Storage under Proxy is the other 2nd sub-menu item in Shotcut and that’s fine. The only thing that may make Non-Broadcast and Custom inconvenient is that they are so low on the list so when Non-Broadcast’s sub-menu comes up it touches the bottom of the screen. But that’s due to them being the 24th and 25th items on that list.

By the way, are the 5K and 8K resolutions going to be on the list now? Shotcut can barely handle just playing 5K video let alone 8K. Those options I think would be better left for whenever the new video processing engine gets done.

Proxy fixes playback issues. 8K is still a fine option for final export.

Sure if you want to wait a while. :upside_down_face:

I knew for some time that Shotcut can do 8K exports. My point was that if 5K and 8K options were openly offered as video mode presets then it might give the impression that Shotcut can in its normal state (i.e. no proxy) handle processing that kind of video just fine. Many people seemingly still don’t even know that Proxy as well as Preview Scaling are available.

Yeah, I totally see your point. But people with 8K footage probably understand proxies. And people that don’t understand proxies probably don’t have 8K footage.