[Activity] logs attached

log files (only) are linked below in hopes that analysis will result in a crashless shotcut.

video clips referenced are from two different “DVR” hardwares recording @ 640x480

Thanks for trying to help, but these are not crash logs - merely activity logs - and they do not help me fix a bug. Sorry

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would love to help. please tell me how to produce something usable.

in the fashion of Seinfeld Season 3, Episode 11, “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

“These crashes are making me crazy.”

seriously though. i crash, but do not know what to submit. i’m forced to save very often. i want to help with “crash reports”, tell me what to do.

One way is to figure out the steps to reproduce and relay them.
I see you are on Linux. Another way is to run Shotcut with the gdb debugger and produce a backtrace when crash. First, you need to work the portable archive, then:

  1. cd Shotcut/Shotcut.app
  2. source source-me
  3. gdb bin/shotcut
  4. (gdb) run
  5. use shotcut and wait for crash
  6. thread apply all bt
  7. copy the history of your terminal
  8. paste it in a bug report
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