Accurately moving a clip

I have to fit a number of different dance tracks to a soundtrack I may not adjust – the dancers have been using the same track so if I can move each track to a given point in the soundtrack it will look good. However, dragging the clip is too inaccurate – is there are way I can shift a clip forward and backwards one frame at a time?

Sorry, I’m saying track when I mean clip – I need to move the dance clips to accurately synchronise with the music soundtrack

Hi @Adrian77, here’s how I’d do it:

  1. Locate cursor at beginning (or end) of clip. Shortcut: Alt +(left arrow) or: Alt +(right arrow).
  2. move cursor forwards by one frame (right arrow) or backwards by one frame (left arrow).
  3. Making sure “snapping” is on (magnet icon).
  4. Click and hold centre part of the clip (ie not the edges) until a hand appears
  5. move the clip so it snaps to the cursor.

You may need to adjust the magnification of the timeline to be able to do this clearly.


Thank you so much @jonray I’ll try this,

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