Accessibility & Keyboard Shortcut Question

Hi there!

I am a blind Mac user and just installed Shotcut. It looks pretty accessible, as far as I can make out.
Hey, DON’T ask me why a blind guy would use video editing software. Trust me! :slight_smile:

I read the list of keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, they all refer to standard desktop keyboards; I, however, use a MacBook.
Can anyone tell me how to jump to the start / end to a clip and rewind / forward by seconds, etc.?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for select from-to and fade-from/to-black?

any advice would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:
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Basically, this is what I aim to do with the app:
• Cut out a segment from one clip and insert it into another.
• Cut out segments of. clip in order to trim it.
• Merge clips - cross-fade would be an added bonus.
• Fade from/to black.
. Or is there also a fade from/to blurr effect? That’d be awesome.
• Define how long fade transitions last.
• Maybe insert still pictures into the clip and determine how long they are displayed for.

I’m not too worried about inserting audio and working on the audio of the clips itself; I’ll do that in Logic Pro anyway.

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PS: I was able to see when I was younger; that’s why I know what fade from black or blurr means. :slight_smile:

On the keyboard shortcuts page:
There is a 3rd column for Mac OS

When you apply the filter : Fade In Video, there is a dialog box below where you can see the duration. The format is : HH:MM:SS:FF (Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Frames). Default is 00:00:01:00.

To the right of the duration dialog box there are four buttons: Decrement (down 1 frame), Increment (up 1 frame), Reset to default, Set as Default

Below the duration dialog box there is a check box for Adjust opacity instead of fade with black. Default is unchecked.

Repeat the same with: Fade Out Video

There are several blur effects to pick from.

Make sure to post your video in here once you’re done, I would love to see it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Hudson555X,

Many thanks for your in-depth response. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I’ll have to get in touch with the developers as Shotcut is not as accessible as it seemed at first. I can navigate within the clip but cannot select a section from it.
Furthermore, activating screen items in the Shotcut UI with my screenreader VoiceOver running triggers some sort of keyboard help; i.e. when pressing on an item has VoiceOver announce what the item does instead of activating it.

That’s a pity.

Again, many thanks for your response. Chat soon!

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