Access Timecode from HTML text?

I have a video clip in shotcut that I would like to put a timer on EXCEPT I plan on running it at a faster duration. Since the timer filter only displays actual seconds since the clip began I’d like to use the HTML text to subtract the current timecode from the timecode I know that clip starts at.

Is there a keyword I can use to access the current timecode such as the #timecode# that the simple text filter has?

This may not answer your direct question, but this might be more simple.
Place a transparent clip above with the timer filter.

I’m think is more of what you want though, which the timer filter does provide.
I just split the clip, change the offset to 13:21 (just some random number I typed in there)

Or just use the original clip, just split where you want the timer to start at, and put in your offset.

Hi Hudson555x, thanks for the response but it doesn’t quite address what I’m trying to do I believe if I’m reading your instructions correctly. I have a video clip that I want the timer to record on, but I need the clip to play at a faster rate (let’s say 4x) I want the time to correctly show that after 1 second of the clip playing 4 seconds have passed in movie time.

Since the timer only shows real time that has passed and doesn’t have an option to factor in the speed I was looking for a way to subtract the #timecode# value from a fixed time code stamp (the time code I know that clip starts at. I don’t believe simple text allows for subtraction so I was trying to access the timecode stamp in HMTL.

Worst case scenario I’m going to export the video clip at normal speed with the timer filter and then import that clip back in and speed it up. I was just hoping for something a little more direct :slight_smile:

Sorry, I misread your original post. Now I understand what you’re after. There are a few people in here that are HTML pros, and I’m not one of them, lol.

You could make a transparent timer clip, export.
Import, speed up transparent timer clip over your source clip that you’ll speed up.
Have the timer clip above your source clip.

No, this is not possible in HTML.

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