Access Freesound from Shotcut UI

I noticed that someone made a script for Blender to access Freesound files directly from the Blender UI, which also could be a nifty feature for Shotcut. I’been using Freesound extensively when editing.

I know this should definetely not go on the need to have list, but maybe some day it could end up on the nice to have list?

I’ve checked for some node.js script which utilises the Freesound API and there is a script here:

I noticed that Ardour has the Freesound search and download function implimented too:

However the Freesound Api has changed over the years, and I don’t know if these chances has been dealt with in the Ardour code.

This is unlikely because I might integrate a non-free stock media service for which I can get an affiliate fee. Or, maybe I will setup a new commercial stock media service and integrate that.