About to give up on Shotcut

I record on a Sony camera in HD with H264 in MPEG4, all fine. Every time I edit and then export a short clip, say with one or two clips with short transitions etc, the exported file plays out of sync/sound drop out/speed up - just unusable.The only change I make to export settings is Codec from 59% to 90% (for better quality)

i looked on the forums and can’t find solution, I like Shotcut but does not seem to be able to do the job.

Windows 10 x64
Dell I7(1st Gen)
8GB ram

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:,
Did you try it with 59 %? I also used 90 % until recently because I thought that 90 % means high quality. The problem is that the percentage is tricking you since the standard setting is decent quality and ~70 % is high quality; everything above is not really useful. In the FFmpeg documentation the sane CRF values are between 18 and 28, 18 corresponds to 64 % in Shotcut’s UI and is stated as “vglobal_quality” next to the percentage (https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/H.264).

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I would go along with @samth and just leave it at “Default” settings and see what you get. I too also though the 100% was higher quality, like on a Xerox machine.

Could you provide more details of your computer?
Windows Key - “System Information” (usually typing sys brings this up)
Just these two pieces of information:
msinfo32_2019-08-26_07-19-58 There was a lot of i7’s 1st gens made, this will show the true speed/cores.

And about the file specifications of your source file(s)
Just click on the source file clip, then click on Properties.
On the timeline, click “Master”shotcut_2019-08-26_07-29-12

What does it show for Properties when master is clicked on/selected?

Are you familiar with the Convert to Edit Friendly feature? I’m curious what would happen if you converted a Sony clip to edit friendly and then exported the new file.

Would you be willing to share the specific model of camera you’re using? Maybe we could figure out something about the files it produces. Any chance they are AVCHD 60fps? I know those in particular can give me problems with my setup.

What export settings are you using? Specifically, which export preset are you starting with?

I did try 59% and it appears to be a stable exported file. I am more interested in audio quality than video quality. I will keep xperimenting with exported files at 59%

Thank you to everyone for their helpful suggestions

If you do not know which codec is used for the original file, you could identify it with MediaInfo (https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Download/Windows). And then just use the same settings in Shotcut.

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