About the audio filters in Shotcut

Where can I find expanded information about the audio filters that Shotcut incorporates?
I want to understand well the function of these filters because I am looking to create an audio profile to apply to my videos.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Can you be more specific in your question?

If you are very technical, you can dig into the underlying MLT framework where the filters are implemented. There is some technical documentation here:

Sorry for a question as generic.
I do not have technical knowledge, I ask at the user level.
I will reformulate my question adding the origin of my interest:
I see many questions and queries about the quality of the video (for example to export to YouTube), and about the quality of the audio, there is no such interest.
I noticed that one of the oscilloscopes on Shotcut was the sonority.
I researched these concepts and the origin of LUFs. :thinking:
Diving among the information (often too technical for me) I found that each streaming platform also has recommended values for LUFs.
All this deepened in the audio mastering.:exploding_head:
I think I remember that a recommended value for YouTube or Spotify was LUFs (I) -13.
Mastering & loudness (Spotify)
Mastering audio for Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify and Youtube

The LUFs value of my source video (in my last project) on the Shotcut loudness oscilloscope was -23 (I).
I imported the audio from the source video in Audacity and used the amplify (automatic) function.
I exported in WAV format and incorporated that audio file into my Shotcut project.
That amplified audio had a value close to -13 LUFs, and this is my workflow in my videos now.

However, Shotcut has many filters to modify the audio.
I think it is not necessary for me to use an external program when Shotcut has so many possibilities.

I wanted to know if there are tutorials or guides (specific to Shotcut) on the function of those filters.
Otherwise, I suppose that the concepts that handle those filters are common to any audio mastering and audio editing software and then I would look for that information from other sources.

Thank you for your interest and for the development of this wonderful software.:clap:

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There is a useful video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiW1YAjy-Xk
It demonstrates the use of the one-pass normalization filter.

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Thanks for the info.:slightly_smiling_face:
I will watch this video and look for other similar videos.
It would be good to include a kind of documentation on this.
I will try to share what I find out, in the forum (although with my language limitations it may affect my explanation :pensive:).
A greeting.

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