About Open other > Text

About simple text (Open Other > Text). I notice the number of characters increased to 258, it’s a good thing. On the other hand, several elements could be improved: the preview in the reading list which remains black; the ability to insert a table (as in the rich text filter) and common text formatting. Maybe we need to integrate the Markdown language?

Or, are you using another workflow to insert text (image?)…

This will never happen to simple text. You are looking for Rich Text which is available as a filter you can add to a transparent color clip. It was already suggested to add Rich Text to Open Other.

Yes, Rich Text to Open Other, it’s good !

I have added an option for rich text to Open->Other->Text. But I do not plan to add markdown or table editing in the Open Other window. That should still be done in the filter panel itself.

Yes. I wish it, too.

At the moment i need always 3 steps:

  1. Open other: colour (transparent)
  2. In this colour i import filter Text: Rich
  3. In this Text: Rich i open a saved html-file (only needed, if i want a DIY-layout).