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After reading the pdf document “Matte transition video files explanation and instructions.pdf” (By Jonray) about how to use those transitions, made an experiment and have some question.
In the tutorial there are two video clips with that transition.(On V3)
Now if I want to add a third (or more) video clip and use the transition technique, have to locate the third clip on V2, (on V1 is the end of clip 2).
On which clip to apply the “Mask from file” filter.
I hope my question is clear.
Answers will be appreciated.

ShotCut version 21.05.18

On version 21.05.18 of Shotcut (and maybe some other recent ones) you don’t need the Mask filter anymore to create these Matte transitions.

You can simply make a regular transition ( Dragging two clips together) the same length as the Matte mp4 file, select the transition, go to Properties, then, in the Video dropdown menu, choose Custom, navigate to the folder with the Matte files and select and open one.

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Hi @motim, @musicalbox is right, no need for “Mask from file” any more. However, I still prefer to do it that way. . Just to help other users, here’s my instructions you mentioned again:
Matte transition video files explanation and instructions.pdf (968.6 KB)

You only have to have two clips for the transition to work and you apply the mask from file filter to the top clip.

I always put the actual matte MP4 file on track v3 just to measure the correct clip length - so it’s just a guide. After splitting the clip on V2 you should delete the MP4 or hide the track.

Here’s a screenshot of a project I happen to be working on right no which uses matte transitions. I have already deleted the guide MP4 transition:

Hope this helps!

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