About how to add Stripe/ Line below the picture in picture video?

I wanna edit my Picture-in-Picture video with the STRIPE/ LINE added below it. Does anyone have an idea how can I do this in my Editing?

Here’s a PNG asset you can add on a video track that is on top of both your gaming footage and your face camera.

Add 3 video tracks.
Top Track: The purple line PNG, shrunk down with Size, Position and Scale filter in Shotcut
Middle Track: face camera, shrunk down with Size, Position and Scale filter in Shotcut
Bottom Track: gaming footage, filling full screen under other layers

I assume you have a green screen so you can isolate your face cam from the background?

If you are using OBS Studio to capture your gaming footage and face cam, technically you can do all this natively in OBS Studio too, by adding the PNG as an image source in that software, and your two cameras as video sources.


Thanks PhLo

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No problem. If you can’t figure it out, feel free to ask other details. I try to assume people can figure things out rather than spelling out every detail. The process of tinkering with things is the best way to learn.

You could also use the Text: Rich filter (without adding any text to it) to add a colored rectangle at the bottom of your overlaid clip.

This has the advantage of using only only track, and you can resize and move both image and color rectangle at the same time.


  1. Add the Text: Rich filter to your overlay clip
  2. Click on the Background Color button and choose a color
  3. Resize and position the colored rectangle to create the stripe at the bottom of the image…
  4. Add a Size, Position & Rotate filter below (important) the Text: Rich filter.
  5. Use that filter to resize and position the Overlay clip and its colored stripe.


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