About half of my recorded 2-audio-channel video files are "unseekable"

It seems absolutely random.
Some are seekable and can be used, some can’t.
They are all recorded on OBS using 2 separated audio channels.
Not using separated audio channels, it always 100% works, using the same exact settings otherwise.
The files can otherwise be played normally on other software.

What’s up here

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you but that is not the issue.
The files are “unseekable”, so cannot be loaded in at all.

In shotcut, they can either be converted somehow to 99999gig weirdly corrupted files with audio/graphic desync, or that’s it really.

Compounding it is that half the files are fine, seekable, and half are not, with the same exact settings.
And if there’s only 1 audio track, they are all seekable and fine.

What version of Shotcut are you using?
What does MediaInfo say about your file?

The latest.

I dunno what mediainfo is

There is a lot of “latest” versions, lol.
MediaInfo shows all information of your video file.

I would try to recreate what you’re experiencing, but without specific information it’s just not possible.

Best of luck.

I would also suggest to post a screenshot of the “Audio” tab in the properties panel for one of your unseekable files. Some containers to not always contain all the information needed to easily determine the length of the file.

Can you explain this better or provide a screenshot? I would expect that if you open a file and it is unseekable, you can click the “convert” button in the properties panel and get a good file that is seekable.

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