A way to delete a portion of a clip fast?

Im really enjoying Shotcut but I am having one issue with it. When I drag in a video into the timeline and I want to use only a portion of it, i have to select the beginning and hold my mouse until I reach the end (which doesnt really work for me anyways? Every time I reach the side of the timeline, i have to move the slider on the bottem on the timeline to and continue). Is there a way in Shotcut to just remove everything before the point/head?

Not sure I understand the steps you’re describing frankly. But to remove the beginning part of a clip on your timeline, put the playhead where you want to cut, split the clip (β€œs” on keyboard), select the left clip you want to remove, and press either β€œx” to ripple delete (this will remove the left part of the timeline) or β€œz” to lift (this will remove the selected clip without affecting the timeline)

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You can use the i key to Trim IN a clip
(i.e: Remove the part before the playhead).

You can use the o key to Trim OUT a clip
(i.e : Remove the part after the playhead).

You can use the Shift+i keys to Ripple Trim IN a clip
(i.e : Remove the part before the playhead and ripple everything on the track to the left).


Wow, thank you so much!

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