A tip to speed up workflow in Shotcut - "Everything" file search prog

Just wanted to share a tip - I use a file search program called “Everything” (Windows) and I can honestly say it is invaluable for using in conjunction with Shotcut (I also use it many times a day for other stuff).
I would highly recommend it if anyone hasn’t got it - it’s lightning fast and locates files instantly (miles better than the Windows file search).
I would be truly lost without it, especially working on a complex SC project which uses many different files which I need to locate easily and quickly.


While they were helping but… I didn’t like it really and I already used it a day ago by a mis-search and after a try it did not satisfy me to come in my app list.
And I got confused when I saw the snapshot page which had links in it’s bottom, specially this link
Annotation 2021-03-03 194917 I thinked it is a rick roll.

It has a good review here: https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/everything. I may give it a go. It took me nearly 10 minutes to find a file the other day, so I’ll try that one with this utility and see how it fares.

@jonray , this is not a Help/How To topic As you are not asking for any help and sharing a tip, nor a suggestion, this just matches the uncategorized topic. So I am changing it to uncategorized, By telling you before, so you don’t feel bad or angry for changing your topic type.

It’s one of those “must haves” for me. I use it probably scores of times every day.

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