A timeline issue

Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon
Shotcut 20.04.12


Is there something wrong?

Best regards

“Quelle” or “Projekt”?

Project, AFAIK :smile:
As you can see is the length in the source player is about one minute. And time line was ca 30 sec… And I didn’t had and do currently not have a clip with that length (ca. one minute) in the list.
And I was already editing…

I do not know what happend. A click on the time line zoom and all was fine again.

BTW: @DvS What about your film? :smile:

Best regards

Ah, now I know! Sometimes there are rebuilding problems in the timeline if you’re zooming! :smiley:

What film? - “SHOTCUT goes C-64”?

Haven’t you had told that you are planning for a film?

There are more films in my pipeline, so give me a hint, where and in what kontext I wrote it. :slight_smile:

‘Making pictures, much work…’
Ah, I’m sure the day will be present when you will present it us.

I do not know how to reproduce it. This report needs steps.

Me, too. Into list, into time line… I started as always and then I had that view.
A click on a zoom button for the time line and all is fine…
If I will have further steps I will let you know. :smile:

Best regards

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