A Template Marketplace for Open Source Software

Hi everyone. Many of us love free and open-source software, try to use them as much as possible and want to support their adoption.

However, lack of professional quality pre-made templates like those available for Photoshop, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, etc hinders this adoption. Many times less powerful entry level proprietary software wins out because they are easier to use and have easily available templates.

As an example, although I use Gimp and Shotcut whenever possible, on occasions when I needed a really quick result, I’ve had to use the Windows 10 Video Editor with its built-in templates and Photopea for its ability to edit PSD templates.

What do you guys think of a template marketplace for open source programs? Live Envato’s Graphic River and Videohive but for FOSS. Template creators would get paid and a decent portion of the sales could go to the FOSS projects themselves.

Actually, on Envato’s Themeforest there are tons of themes for Wordpress which is open source. Look how, because of these themes, Wordpress has become so popular with normal people who are not coders. And themes require regular updates which graphic and video templates may not necessarily need as much of.

I teach at a school and also work for a media creation company and both of them would not hesitate to buy pre-made templates if it allowed them to continue using FOSS.

In fact, in moments of weakness, I have considered using DaVinci Resolve due to the nearly 500 templates for it on VideoHive/Envato Market.

Would be awesome if people in the community can create a marketplace or hub like that or even better. I’m not a coder or developer but I’m willing to help out any other way I can.

Please promote this idea all over the internet if you agree that it will drive adoption of Shotcut and other open source software.

[I’m not sure where to post this suggestion, so I’ve posted it in Uncategorised.]

You could make it simply a suggestion, or I think uncategorized is the best category for this. Because it is not an improvement suggestion to shotcut.

A template marketplace is a good Idea, But if it would be a free then many people would be interested.
As many people use an opensource free software because they do not want to spend money on buying paid ones or they do not want to make their credit or debit card at risk by paying online.

So, if you decide to make it free then I am ready.

Also, I am making a website for free resources that anyone could use in shotcut, they would be lower thirds, transitions, 3d luts, elements, etc. I would be messaging some people who are in the same forum so they could provide some resources to the website, I would be also creating a document for each of the resource named as copyright.txt having the attribution of the person who provided it to the website I am creating, You could also provide some resources, if you wish to do so.

A market place was discussed last year

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Yes, that person was not seen after. Not sure if he was trying to promote open source or just looking for a business opportunity…

Believe me, if Shotcut offered premium professionally designed templates, it would bring in revenue as well as drive adoption. I for one would pay for it as I’ve done for many templates, plugins, etc from Envato Market. The amount of time saved compared to doing everything from scratch would make it worth the price.

My boss pays for Adobe Spark for us for quick videos and it’s absolutely horrible. The only good thing is the easy one-click templates. I think he could be convinced to spend that money on well-designed templates for open source software instead.

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